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About Us

BOandO, an acronym for “Black Owned and Operated” is an organization that PROMOTES, PROFILES, REFERS and ADVOCTATE on behalf of Black Business Owners.

Our mission is Black Economic Empowerment through business ownership, inclusion, investment, and significant redirection of Black Consumer Dollars back into the Black Business Community.

At BOANDO, we are unapologetically focused on our own self-interest and ascension up the socioeconomic ladder. We are committed to improving our Quality of Life and in Building Wealth for Future Generations; to level the playing field and give our Children, Grand-Children, and Great Grand-Children the resources they need to compete and succeed in life.

We are also here to celebrate the accomplishments of Blacks in America and proudly proclaim that when we Work as a Group, United in Purpose we possess the Intellectual and Financial Capital, Character and Drive to overcome any obstacle and achieve any objective which our history in this country can attest to.

I would like to pause here to make it unequivocally clear that BOandO is not Anti-White, nor are we Anti-Yellow, Anti-Brown, or Anti-Red.  We are however emphatically Pro-Black and extremely Pro-Green. In the immortal words of Cuba Gooding Jr., "show me the money".

In a nutshell BOANDO is about Black Economic Empowerment. Not racism. Please, whatever you do today, don't get these points misconstrued.

Here's the bottom line. In order to turn our Mission into Fruition we need your help, your ideas, your constructive criticism, and your dollars; "Yes I Said it, YOUR DOLLARS". Because at the end of the day the foundation for building a Strong, Thriving, Vibrant Black Business Community comes directly from the SUPPORT of the Black Consumer; and If You Don't Support Them; Who Will?

I want to personally thank you for visiting BOANDO.com and helping us build a national database of Black Owned Businesses that are committed to earning your Trust and Patronage through the delivery of Exceptional Service and Value.