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Consumer Ratings and Reviews

BCI Rating | 5.00

711 Copy & Printing Ink-2, LLC
711 South 52nd Street
Philadelphia PA

What Others Are Saying!

Consumer Rating: 5

711 Copy and Printing did a fantastice job for me.

Consumer Rating: 5

The service was FAST!! same day and accurate. The owners were very professional, yet with a great sense of humor. They knew exactly how to help me decide on what I needed to have done and how it should be done and printed. They even added to my project a few creative ideas that I had not thought of, which was extremely beneficial to me in what I was trying to accomplish. 711 has a special way of making the average person feel like a V.I.P. customer. THANKS 711 COPY & PRINTING for showing me how to make money!!. Thanks for the extra advise!! I will be BACK.

Consumer Rating: 5

This business is extremely exceptional. The staff members and their customer service are excellent. Continue the good work 711 Copy. Professor Bruce

Consumer Rating: 5

Their customer service is excellent. They are very fast and efficient with their products and service. I have been a customer for years and they never disappoint. I recommend everyone I know to them. They truly treat each customer as a V.I.P.

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